Pratistha Educational Society
Pratistha Educational Society is a registered society working for the cause of education in Raipur. Prathistha Education Society is the official Training Hub Partner of Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), School of Vocational Education (SVE). Pratistha Educational Society has been running Brighton International School (affiliated to CBSE) since the year 2010. Pratistha Educational Society has met with great success and has been able to establish Brighton International School amongst one of the top schools of Raipur.





About Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) & School of Vocational Education (SVE)
The Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) was established in 1936 to  engage in a continuous study of Indian social issues and problems and impart education in social work to meet the emerging need for trained human power. This subsequently influenced the direction of social work education and social research in India. The year 1964 was an important landmark in the history of the Institute, when it was recognized as a Deemed University by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India. Since then, TISS has been expanding continuously in terms of educational programmes and infrastructure. While responding to the changing needs of the social and educational system in the country, the Institute has gone far beyond the initial concern of social work education. Since its inception in 1936, the Tata Institute of Social Sciences has never limited itself to the mandate of a conventional university; rather, it has worked for the promotion of sustainable, equitable and participatory development, social welfare and social justice through: Value-based professional education for social work and other human service professions; Social research and dissemination of socially relevant knowledge; Social intervention through training and field action projects; Contribution to social and welfare policy and programme formulation at state, national and international levels; and Professional response to national calamities, through relief, rehabilitation and disaster management. Over the years, the Institute has, among other thrusts, made a significant contribution to policy, planning, action strategies and human resource development, in several areas, ranging from sustainable rural and urban development to education, health, communal harmony, human rights and industrial relations. In all cases, the focus has been on the disadvantaged and marginalised sections of society, such as organised and unorganised labour, women, children, Dalits, and tribals. Today, the TISS is a Government of India Institution and has earned recognition as an Institution of Repute from different Ministries of the Government of India, various State Governments, international agencies such as the United Nations, and the non-government sector, both national and international. This is due to the academic freedom leading to a positive work ethos and creativity in the Institute, strong linkages among education, research, field action and dissemination and the social commitment and responsiveness to varying social needs. For more information, kindly visit In December 2011, Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) set up the School of Vocational Education (SVE) to provide immediate and definite interventions to improve the lives of the disadvantaged and marginalized youth, especially who are excluded by the formal school education system through appropriate vocational training programmes. The target beneficiaries would include organized and unorganized labour, women, children, dalits and tribals. Therefore, SVE has been set up with a vision of creating an ecosystem that would bring back the dignity of labour for blue collar streams of work and create sustainable sources of income for the marginalized youth in the country. The School has been incorporated to spearhead the Vocational Training envisaged in the initiative proposed by the Ministry of HRD, Government of India whereby TISS has been selected as nodal point to implement the said initiative. About TISS SVE & Pratistha Educational Society In September 2015, Prathistha Educational Society signed agreement with  TISS SVE. This has made Prathistha Educational Society’s Brighton International School premises as the official training hub to impart education in the domain of Human Resource (HR), Marketing & Sales Vertical.

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Important Documents
Certificate Letter from TISS to Prathistha Educational Society


tissAttachment 1 – Letter by the UGC to all the universities

tissAttachment 2 – Notification date year 1964 declaring TISS as deemed university

Attachment 3 – UGC LETTER FOR B.Voc

Prathistha Educational Society brings together a state of the art facility for students and professional at their Study Hub of TISS SVE at Brighton International School.


Campus – Brighton International School Brighton International School
Air Conditioned Multimedia equipped interactive Classrooms Brighton International School Classroom






Pratistha Educational Society in News.
Pratistha Educational Society in News.



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