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This course operates on the concept of “Protect your Business”. An organization needs to uncover the business, operational and reputational risks of recruiting a candidate and mitigate them. This is optimally achieved by verifying the candidate’s past employment history, educational qualifications, checking for a criminal record, if any, and tell-tale signs of any potentially deviant behaviour.
This program aims to provide the trainee an understanding of the concept and techniques of employee background screening.

Fresh Graduates
Working professionals from HR function
Those from other fields looking to make a career in the HR/ Corporate Security functions

Course Structure
The course would be for a total duration of:
60 hours – for HR professionals
90 hours – for those looking to make a career in the background screening industry/ Corporate Security function
6/ 10 weeks evening course for working professionals (2 hours Mon-Friday)
2/ 3 weeks full day course (6 hours Mon – Fri)
4/ 5 weekend course (8 Hours on Sat/Sun)

Employee Background Checks are an important part of the HR/ Corporate Security function and aid in understanding, analysing and mitigating various types of risks an organization faces while recruiting new employees. Background checks may be requested by employer on the employee’s/ prospective employee’s past employment record, educational qualifications, criminal record, credit history, media and social media presence, substance abuse, etc.
Main Concepts
Importance of background checks
Types of checks
Methods and process of conducting background checks
On completion of the 60-hours course (Modules A and C), the trainee shall be able to:
Enumerate the need for background checks
Prepare a comprehensive need-based Background Screening Policy
Read, understand, analyse and decisively act upon a Background Screening report
Know the necessary laws in this regard
On undergoing the 90-hour course (Modules A, B and C), the trainee shall be able to:
Be able to conduct a holistic background screening
Know the procedures to get information from various security/police units in the country
Shall be able to conduct a HR ref check via telephone and email
Shall be able to prepare a background check report
Learning Objectives
Course Content
Please refer Annexure A for the recommended course content
Method of Teaching
Classroom theory sessions and practical on-floor sessions
Method of Assessment and Weightage
Assessment Tasks: Written Exam, project assignment and viva-voce
Weightage: 50% – 25% – 25%
Essential Reading: Hand-outs
Suggested Reading:
Reading Lists and References
Background Screening and Investigations: Managing Hiring Risk from the HR and Security Perspectives – W.Barry Nixon and Kim Kerr
The Safe Hiring Manual: The Complete Guide to Employment Screening Background Checks for Employers, Recruiters and Jobseekers – Lester S. Rosen

Module A: Background Screening Basics Total 42 Hours
A1 BGC Philosophy 3 hours
Inception And History
Global Industry Overview
Business Overview
Data Availability
A2 Developing A BGC Policy 9 hours
Risk Assessment
Risk Mitigation
Policy And Scope Formation
Policy Implementation Mechanism
A3 Laws, Rules & Regulations Governing BGC 6 hours
Global Regulatory Overview
India – Specific Regulations
Privacy Laws
Global Best Practices
India – Industry Standards
A4 Process Overview 12 hours
Generic Overview Of All Screening Processes: Employment, Education, Criminal, Address, Database & Media, Drug, Credit And Identity
Flagging Philosophy For Discrepant Findings
A5 Reading and Analyzing a BGC Report 12 hours
Glossary of Terms
Report And Its Analysis
Risk Assessment
HR Decision (Hire/ Fire) Matrix

Module B: Detailed Screening Processes Total 30 Hours
B1 Verification Processes 18 hours
Pre-Initiation and Data Validation
Research and Skip Traces
Employment History Screening
Reference Checks
Educational Qualification Verification
Criminal Record Searches
Address Verification
Identity Verification
Credit Check
Substance Abuse Screening
Media Traces
Global Compliance Database Check
B2 Background Screening Reports 6 hours
Report Writing
Report Flagging
Reading a Background Screening Report
B3 Quality Management 3 hours
Quality Checking Parameters
Audit Mechanism
B4 Account Management 3 hours
Client Servicing
MIS and Reporting

Module C: Practical Training and Assessment Total 18 Hours
C1 Practical Training 12 hours
On-Floor Training for All Screening Processes
Case Studies
C2 Assessments 2 hours
C3 Open House Session 4 hours

Students will be assessed on a written examination that will be conducted at the end of the course, project assignment and viva-voce.

This program will provide employment opportunities to candidates in the HR/ Corporate Security functions of mid and large sized organizations, as also in operations within the background screening industry.