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With more and more women joining the work force, women safety has become an important issue for organisations. It is unfortunate that the graph of crimes against women in our country has only been rising. Notwithstanding the law and the law enforcement agencies, it is important that organisations that employ women do their bit in ensuring that all their women employees are safe not only at work but also during their travel from home to the workplace and back. To assist such organisations towards this endeavour we have devised a specific workshop aimed at training security/HR/Admin professionals to ensure ‘women safety at Workplace’

Working professional from HR /Admin /Security function

Course Structure
The course would be for a total duration three days.

Ensuring women safety at the workplace has various facets to it. Right from the physical infrastructure, to logistics, work culture and complaint redressal come within its ambit. This course will train managers to take all adequate steps to ensure women safety.
Main Concepts:
Ensuring Women safety at Workplace.
Learning Objectives:
Being sensitive to gender diversity
Be able to create safety awareness with organisation
Understand the law regarding sexual harassment at workplace
Be able to take appropriate preventive steps
Be able to create a appropriate redressel mechanism for sexual harassment complaints
Course Content:
Conducting an organisational survey
Principle of Safety awareness
Physical infrastructure to ensure safety
Psychology of attackers
Vulnerable parts of an attackers body
Self defence
Use of pepper spray
Safety during travel
Safety while travelling overseas
Safety in a social gathering
Safety while using social media
Recognising sexual harassment
Sexual harassment of women at workplace Act 2013
Forming an Inquiry committee
Legal Aspects
Method of Teaching:
Lecture, Classroom interactive session, Practical sessions, case studies
Reading Lists & References
Essential Reading –
Sexual harassment of women at workplace Act 2013
Suggested Reading
Sexual harassment of women at workplace Rules 2013

Certificate of Participation – No Assessment

This program will provide for employment opportunities to candidates in all big, medium and small firms that employ a substantial number of women staff.