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Instructional design is the process of creating content for training programs or for an academic course. This course will be useful for those who are already working in education or training field or those who wish to make this a career. It shall equip the participant to design appropriate content depending on the need of the target audience to be trained.

Graduates with more than 5 years experience in the field of education or training.
Existing members from T&D functions in Industry

Course Structure
Course Duration-The course would be for a total duration of 120 hours. These could be completed in the following ways-
12 weeks evening course for working professionals ( 2 hours Mon-Friday)
2-3 months weekend course ( 6 Hours on Sat/Sun)

This course focuses on the process of content designing for a structured course/training. One of the important topics of this is creating learning objectives for the course.
Main Concepts:
Training Need Analysis
Learning theories
Writing learning objectives/outcomes
Training methods & tools
Creating training contents
Learning Objectives:
Describe the elements in a Training cycle
Conduct a training need analysis Training Need Analyses
Be able to explain the various methods of training
Write learning objectives as per the Training Needs Analysis
Create content & describe method of delivery
Course Content:
Adult learning Elements
Learning Process
Learning Methods
Training Need Assessment
Writing learning objectives
Creating Content
Training Delivery
Method of Teaching:
Lecture, Presentation, discussion

Method of Assessment & Weightage:
Assessment Tasks: Written Exam & project assignments
Weightage: 100%

Reading Lists & References
Essential Reading –
Suggested Reading –
The Non-Designer’s Design Book- Robin Williams

Students will be assessed on project work and a written examination that will be conducted at the end of the course

This program will provide employment opportunities to candidates in all big, medium and small firms and could also lead to self employment (freelance).