What is Digital Marketing? And why should we care?


Before we come down to Digital Marketing, we must first understand in brief what is marketing? As most of us are aware that marketing is connecting consumers with your products and services. Although marketing is a much broader term than this definition. Lets stick to it for the sake of time. Now Digital Marketing is nothing but connecting consumers with your products and services, using the power of internet.

So the usage of one term ” Internet” – makes the practical aspects quiet broad. Because Internet constitutes millions of websites, Apps that functions for another millions reasons. And using this vast ocean judiciously calls or demands a Skill set. Imagine what kind of a world we are living in, you want to know what your friends are up to – go to a place called facebook. Want to watch a movie – we go to a place called book my show. Got to reach at station quickly – Ola and Uber are there for your rescue. In a nutshell there is hardly a spear of our life which is untouched by Digital Marketing. It is equally important for all of us irrespective of what carrier field we had chosen in our lives. And if you happen to be in Marketing – Chances are you will be irrelevant in a few years from now if you don’t pay respect to this field. Bitter – Yes but helpful too.

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Do I need to be a master in Computer Languages to be a Champion in Digital Marketing?

You need not be a master of computer languages to be a champion in digital marketing. If you are creative and willing to put your hard work you will make a great digital marketer. Platforms like wordpress has made things very easy for us. You can make a stunning website using wordpress, and wordpress doesn’t demand any skill in computer language. Buy a domain(Website) name from any platform like go daddy or big rock – Buy hosting (Space needed for your website) – Create content. Now you can build any website from scratch.


What constitutes Digital Marketing?

  1. Search Engine Optimisation.
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Web Analytics
  4. Creative Content Generation
  5. Website Development


We have tried to decode Digital Marketing for you in this document in easy language. Digital Marketing Decoded